Sunday, May 13, 2012

Burberry Cosmetics

Today was an amazing day. I got to spend it out with my honey, while buying makeup and girly stuff and not once did he complain. He sat quietly while I did what I always do and talked to every makeup counter cause I always want to know what's new. That's where I'm in trouble. Here I am walking Nordstrom's when I see a makeup counter for Burberry, and I think to myself "Burberry, don't they make purses, interesting." So I go and talk to the counter girl, who turned out to be the Manager, her name is Erin. Might I add incredibly sweet, super knowledgeable and super talented in the makeup department. I sit down with her for a consultation.

First I have to say I'm in love with the foundation. It's a gel base and feels amazing on the skin. It doesn't feel cakey, or thick. It doesnt make me feel like there's much there, but it has incredible coverage. The foundation will run you about $52, and this is the first time I actually want to spend that much on a foundation. I'm looking at the whole line worrying about my pocketbook really. I'm in love.

I love the eye shadows and blush colors. The colors Erin used on me were more natural, which is not usually my style but the finished product looked great so I am super happy with it and now looking to add like colors to my makeup box. The mascara doesn't clump and make your eyelashes look all thick and goopey like some mascara's do, instead my crazy thick, long lashes are much thicker and longer and look great. The eyeliner is a pencil and went on nicely and stayed on.

I feel bad cause I didn't take any pictures when the makeup was fresh cause I looked amazing. My boyfriend said she did a great job even. Now its 8 hours later and most of it's still on. The lipmist has left my lips because I ate a tub of popcorn and drank a soda. Yet the rest of the makeup has mostly stayed in place and I love that.

I am in love with the makeup line.. The cases for the makeup is super cool as well. The boxes are metallic and plaid and magnetic. The mascara tube is solid and probably could be used as a weapon. The lipmists are cute.

If you wear the higher end makeup I would highly suggest taking a look at this brand. I didn't know it existed before today, but now it's on my go to list and on my recommendation list. There are only 8 counters in Nordstroms stateside at the moment, 4 being in California, 2 in Chicago, 1 in Washington and 1 in New York. But those of you not near a Nordstrom's that carries the line you are still in luck you can buy online.

Check them out.

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