Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hawaiian Tropic's Creme Lotion SPF 50

For the last few years I haven't spent much time in the sun, and this summer seems to be a new era for me. I have been frollicking in the park, swimming with friends in our pool, going out for runs and walking close to 4 miles a day. So I am in the rays of the sun a lot and the first time out I got super sunburned so I have started using sunscreen. It goes on slightly thick and creamy. I don't for the most part like sunscreens because of the fact that they are so greasy and I don't like that feeling on my skin.

This sunscreen works well, keeps my skin from turning deep red and allows me to enjoy my time in the sun without worry. I like that. That makes me feel good. The sunscreen is slightly greasy but not so bad once it goes on. The only thing that I do every time is wash my hands after I put it on my body since I don't want to feel the grease on my hands.

Hawaiian Tropic has a lot more products available and you'll probably see me write about more of them since I really like the products.

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