Friday, May 25, 2012

Makeup - GwP the way to go for counter purchases

I love Clinique, Shiseido, Philosophy, Estee Lauder, and the likes of any makeup you can purchase at a makeup counter. The price tags always make it hard for me to go in for the kill and buy. Except during the GwP times. I love GwP's because it makes your purchase seem less expensive and makes you super excited to try new things. I've fallen in love with so many products because of it.

The best part about them is that you get a wide variety of deluxe size samples and full size products. So you get to try not only the new product you just bought (or your old favorite) but also 5-7 other different items, in an adorable makeup bag. You can not beat that.

Right now there are a multitude of companies offering gift with purchase in stores and online. So it's the perfect time to buy.

For example right now at Macy's Lancome has a gorgeous gift set with any $35 purchase

You get an adorable tote bag. Very vibrant and bright. Your choice of eye cream, there is three to pick from. Your choice of moisturizer, again three to pick from. A body essential either a bronzer or a lotion. You get a lip product either a juicy tube or a lipstick and lastly an eye essential which includes either a mascara, makeup remover or eye shadow palette. Best part this is all free on top of the great item you are purchasing. This year I'm digging the new bright cream shadows and I love the foundation.

Another example is right now over at Estee Lauder at Macy's if you buy any fragrance you get a bag, palette with eye shadow and blush and two lipsticks and I believe a mascara and some brushes. Now I'm not a fragrance person really, but this is a great deal.

Now Clinique is doing a gift with purchase at Nordstroms. I love the bag, it's designed by Tracy Reese. This giftset is free with a $28 purchase. You get deluxe samples of the dramatically different lotion, mild facial soap, a lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, all about eyes serum and an eyeshadow palette. So you buy 2 items and walk away with not only some great products but this entire gift set.

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