Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tiki Oasis 2013 August 15-18th

So I went to Tiki Oasis 2013.. and I didn't know what to expect, I didn't know what to wear, so one day I wore neon and the next day I wore a polka dotted halter dress with the cutest new bootie shoes I got. My mother's boyfriend is a giant Tiki lover so he booked us a 2 night stay in San Diego and got us all tickets to go to this convention. He's the sweetest most generous guy so we were excited to do something with him that he was excited for, since he normally just does dinner and shopping with us. Which I'm sure is loads of fun for him.

We got to our hotel around 2pm on Saturday. We all had either school or work during the week so we couldn't come down earlier then that. But the drive was also pretty bad since there was a bad accident on the freeway. We got there though with enough time to scour the vendor floors and see some of the cars.

After we looked at cars, and things to buy, we decided to go out to dinner. We had a fabulous dinner at Hunter's Steakhouse. I had some incredibly delicious Artichoke dip and steak. I don't eat steak that often but it was mighty good. We then ran over to Target and I bought a sweater and some new booties, since the boots I was wearing were killing me. We also grabbed some cups, since there were a lot of room parties and we wanted to be prepared.

We got back to the event and listened to some live music and had some drinks. I had a guy walk up to me and recognize me from Comic Con. Let me tell you the best feeling in the world is having people recognize you out of costume.. or having other amazing cosplayers tell you how much they love your costuming. It has been a miraculous week for me in that regard. Then we ran into someone I worked for 13 years ago and hung out with him and drank a bit. I didn't really dig the drinks, but I dug the music and the bottle the alcohol came in.

Best part of the night while we were buzzed my boyfriend told my old friend that I was his best friend. It's something that is quite obvious about us, but I had never heard him say it.. Totally made my night. After we stayed out until 3am we finally went back to our room to crash. I set my alarm for 9am so we could do breakfast but I couldn't get up until 10am so we missed it. I was sad.. I love breakfast food. Im thinking thats gonna be my wednesday morning game.

We hit up the restaurant inside the event and had sandwiches. I love avocado and croissants. So it was great. Then we took my mother over to get some Henna done by my friends girlfriend.. AMAZING mermaid. I loved it. After that I made a few purchases. Some as surprise gifts for people I like and a special surprise gift for a fan here on the page.

Overall we had a wonderful weekend. Best part was we got home from the event and my boyfriend looked at me said it's only 6pm.. Want to go to Disneyland? So we hit up Disneyland for 4 hours. It had been like a week since we had gone.. Slowly going on all the rides. I still think there are rides I have not ridden before. (Disneyland pics will be in their own post.)

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