Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mortal Instruments City of Bones

So I am a big YA reader. I admit it. I love to read and even more so Paranormal YA books. (except Twilight, not touching it). So when I heard a Cassandra Clare book was being turned into a movie I was pretty excited. I had not read it at that point yet, but I really like her writing style. I ended up getting a copy of the book from Crowdtap. They sent it to me to read before seeing the movie. That was pretty awesome. My stepson has asked if he could read it, now that we have seen the movie.

The movie came out on my birthday August 21st. So that was on the agenda after going to lunch with my nana, we hopped on over to the theatre. Crowdtap again sent me movie cash so that I could see the movie. So I was happy about that. I love saving money. It was 4 of us seeing the movie.

I wore a Tripp NYC Mortal Instruments cosplay outfit. It was supposed to be like Isabella's first dress in the film/book. Though in the movie the dress has a ton more lace. I might add the lace to make it more authentic, but I had tons of people coming up to me at the movie theatre totally excited over the dress, so that made it a lot of fun. I really love dressing up.

I really enjoyed the film. Of course they changed things from the book to the movie, but that is expected. There is one thing I found strange in both the movie and book, but it's kinda a spoiler so I am going to leave it alone. The story is well written. The special effects were done nicely. I really enjoyed the way the characters came together.

I thought Jace was kind of a hottie. I guess I like that look though. Lol.. Clary looked great in her shadowhunter get up.

So I was playing around a bit in makeup and did this for the event. Hope you like it.

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