Thursday, August 29, 2013

The World's End

So I was able to catch the newest Simon Pegg movie the last in the trilogy. It's other films were Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. I enjoyed both of the other two, so when I was given the chance to catch this one for free, I, of course did not turn it down.

I went with my movie buddy, my boyfriend. We try to see everything that comes out in theatres, because well we are both movie buffs and television buffs, so we also watch a lot of tv together. I was excited to see this one because we both liked the preceding two. Lots of fun and thought why not give this one a shot. Also we were being given the chance to see it for free by the local newspaper hours before it came out. So that was also a plus, but that doesn't change my opinion on it, we would have seen it this weekend anyways if it hadn't been for the fact that I got offered the free tickets. They didn't ask me to review it, I just like reviewing stuff.

Now I don't drink beer and I don't get the appeal of getting hammered really on a regular basis. Yes it can be fun to go out every once in a while and let loose but really not my type of thing. I do understand time with friends and if that's your piece of pie more power to you. That's what the film revolves around is a group of friends going out for a last hurrah quite a few years after the last time they attempted to go the golden mile (a lap around 12 pubs). Now here's the kickers there is alien robots.. yep. Since each of the films has had them fighting something, this is what they are fighting this time.

The jokes are funny and entertaining, the characters are interesting, the plot unfolds and isn't terrible. I enjoyed myself a lot. It's not something I would watch again in the theatres, but definitely something I would recommend to friends who like humor and enjoyed the others in the trilogy.

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