Sunday, August 4, 2013

In Honor of Todays 12 Doctor Reveal.. some cool Doctor Who stuff.

So yes, I am a big geek.. I know shocker. LOL. Today BBC had all Whovian's on their toes with the announcement of the 12th doctor, if you don't know what that means.. look up Doctor Who.. it's gonna be all over the internet today.

The new doctor will be none other then Peter Capaldi, who was the front runner in a lot of peoples wishlists. I was a little sad I really really wanted to see a female doctor, so I could cosplay the 12th doctor .. I know selfish reasons, but that's ok.

So I figured I would share some fun Doctor Who stuff with you.

Digital Nails has a whovian collection on etsy. With polishes like "Hello Sweetie, and Run You Clever Boy" You can never get enough WHO. Digital Nails Etsy

Then we have like Hot Topic that has tons of fun Doctor Who stuff. Hot Topic Doctor Who stuff

Then the BBC america store has a lot of fun things. I bought the weeping angel earrings and the tardis earrings. BBC America Shop

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