Sunday, January 13, 2013

My mini haul from a salon and TJMaxx

So I went out and decided to run some errands with my mother, and thought I would stop by TJ Maxx and see what nail polishes they had. Since I moved here about 3 months ago I haven't had to the chance to really explore, so I was glad to have her with me. She wanted to look at cooking stuff. (Still not sure why, she doesn't cook. But to each there own.)

So for about $20 I got 3 color zone in neon colors, 5 Baribelle, 1 NYC, 1 Essie and Santine I think.. or something close to that.. I will go look it up in a bit and fix this.

Then while we were getting some delicious Subway I saw a little Salon and said lets stop in, I love looking at hair products, you would never know with my disaster of hair.. but none the less. I do like looking and they had a bucket of travel sizes for $1. So I picked up 4 different things, I love trying new stuff.

3 Matrix Products, and 1 Paul Mitchell.

Moisture Treat, Break Fix and Miracle Treat. - Matrix and the Paul Mitchell was a smoother.

I think I did pretty good and got lots of things to play with and write about.

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