Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Victoria's Secret Mini Puppies and clearance purchases

So this last weekend I was able to stop by a PINK store to pick up my set of the Victoria's Secret PINK mini puppies. They came in water bottles. Now you all know of my love for Victoria's Secret. I own practically half the pink store. I almost bought another long sleeved sorta sweater. But I was good and held my ground. I didn't need a $70 shirt.

So after going to the Victoria's Secret store next to my home and them telling me I had to go to the PINK store, we ran off down to the pink store to get my puppies. I had my mother with me. She likes the dogs too.

The store we went to hadn't been hit hard so they had a lot left, and they didn't have a limit as long as I bought everything in separate transactions. So I thought I would show off all the great things I got. Including the adorable limited edition puppies. Best part of all of this I had a $15 gc from the last time they did a promotion. I had my $10 birthday card. And I had the remenants of a giftcard because I returned a sweater I got in a store and bought it online for a 1/3 the price because of the semi annual store. So I walked away without spending a penny.

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