Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bath and Bodyworks a mini haul and a small giveaway

So yesterday I went to Bath and Bodyworks to pick up the free mini lotion from the facebook giveaway. I ended up getting a bunch of them. Then I saw all the 75% off stuff and I had to pick them up as well. So I got a ton of stuff and a couple of things to giveaway.

I got 2 each of the new mini bottles of the scents they are bringing out. Then I got shimmers cause i love them, a large bottle of body wash and some mini bottles.

So what I am giving away is 2 mini bottles one from the new line. The lotion you can pick which of the 3 you want. and the other is a body wash of the candy apple.

All you have to do is comment on this post which of the 3 you would want, or your favorite BBW product, no spamming please.

The 3 scents are:

Honey Sweetheart - honeyed violets and pink sugar

Berry Flirt - red berried and blonde wood

Daisy Dreamgirl - clementines and star daisies

I will post a picture of everything shortly.

Contest ends on 1/27/13


  1. I would probably pick the Berry Flirt....but my fav BBW product is the Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion...have you ever smelled that? Its friggin amazing!

  2. Honey Sweetheart

  3. I like daisy dreamgirl,


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