Sunday, July 7, 2013

Skittles Darkside New Flavors.. Taste the Rainbow

So recently Skittles came out with a new bag flavor called the Darkside, not sure if there is any relationship to the Star Wars franchise, but I am sure that is the reason I bought them. I love Skittles though so it's not only because of the fact that there was a Star Wars catch. I love trying out new flavors of candy. I always buy the new flavor even if I think I will hate it. It's like how I was conditioned.

So there are 5 new flavors (or 4 if you don't count Midnight Lime)

A red colored skittle called Pomegranate - tastes like pomegranate. lol. Pretty delicious.

A dark purple colored skittle called Dark Berry - tastes fruity, maybe blackberry, not really sure. Pretty Good.

A blue colored skittle called Forbidden Fruit - tastes like Blueberry.. (my bf disagrees, but it really does) Pretty Good.

A green colored skittle called Midnight Lime - tastes like Lime.. lol. Ok in my book (Not a lime person)

A orange colored skittle called Blood Orange - tastes like blood oranges. Very Delicious.

So my favorites were the Pomegranate and the Blood Orange. My boyfriends favorites were the Blood Orange and the Midnight Lime. So I think I can safely say he and I will be fighting over the Blood Orange.

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