Friday, July 26, 2013

San Diego Comic Con Friday - Sunday

I am so sorry that I didn't get this up on Monday. I got a little overwhelmed with stuff. I am still going through everything and sorting out things.

Highlights of San Diego Comic Con.

1. Hanging out with friends and making new friends. I usually have a very different agenda for comic con this was the first time I had ever just really enjoyed it. Made new friends out of it, even made plans for costumes at other cons coming up and made plans for next years Masquerade. Yay.

2. Met quite a few celebrities. Mostly from shows that I am in love with. I happily just kept running into people on the convention floor. It was incredible.

3. I am an avid reader and I got a bunch of the books I have been looking forward. I got Stacy Jay's Of Beast and Beauty. Lauren Kate's Teardrop, Holly Black's The Coldest Girl in ColdTown. So I was ecstatic.

4. Mark Sheppard tapped me on the shoulder for no real reason, so I got a picture with him. It made my day. This goes for the voice on Spike on MLP Friendship is Magic came up and talked to me.

5. I got some signed Zenescope comics. My favorite comic book company.

6. I spent the night overnight to go to the Hall H panels. I had never done that and it was incredible.

This was the best time I had at a convention in years. I am so happy and really am glad I did it.

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  1. You got to meet Mark Sheppard... AWESOME! :P


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