Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Graze Unboxing #1

So I just started my subscription with the new healthy snack company Graze. Once a week or twice a month depending on what you choose they send you a small box with four different types of snacks. I choose once a week, so I could split them with my boyfriend for healthier snack options when we go to work and school. This week's box came with 2 things I would eat and 2 things he would eat. There are over 90 things they can send you, so as you decide what you like and dislike they only send the things you like. I like that there is so much variety to try out. I am going to post each week what we get and then what we think of them.. (That will be on the next unboxing post since we will eat them over the course of a week.

So this service is only $5 a week, which isn't too bad considering the cost of food these days, the high cost of eating healthy is a pressure. I made asparagus for dinner tonight and it cost me like $5 just for the bundle. But boy was it yummy.

So here goes. It comes in this cute little box, I tore off my address because I don't want that on the web, but I will say I was expecting it to be bigger, but the box is recycled and they don't leave much of it empty, smart on their part, saving the environment.

The inside of the box is just precious. It's so simple and perfect for snacking, since each one comes in its own little sealed container. I really dig the box, not sure on the tastes yet, but the packaging has me in love at least.

The first box contained

Jaffa Cake - roasted hazels, orange infused raisins and dark chocolate buttons

Summer Pudding - yogurt coated sunflower seeds, blackcurrants, sponge pieces and cranberries

Texan Corn Salsa- corn chips, salsa almonds and roasted corn

Summer Berry Composte - berry compote with wholemeal shortbread dippers

Each one is about a single serving. I love the first two my BF will eat the next two. So we are set.


  1. I love my Graze boxes. I get them weekly, and they are perfect for a quick snack. I've only found 1 thing that I didn't like, and I love that you can "trash" things when you dislike them!

  2. Yeah i totally dig them. I haven't opened them yet to eat yet but i love the little serving sizes. I am posting the 2nd box I got shortly . :)


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