Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review of VitaminSchtick Lipbalm

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I bought this the other day a few different flavors because they were on clearance for 0.75 and my boyfriend is a lover of the drinks.I also bought it because I love dragonfruit and one of the ones I picked up was dragonfruit. They taste ok not to strong and they dont taste like a few lipbalms I've tasted where I just wanted it off my lips. They hydrated my lips well, I used it through out the day. Nice overall
works and does its job but not high on my list of lip balms to use if I'm looking for a lip balm to use. I did like the smells of the ones I got. I also liked the packaging how it looks like little mini tubes of the drink. So overall I give it a 3/5 kitten rating. It's not high on my list.. but that doesnt mean I wouldnt use it.

3/5 kitten rating :)

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