Friday, April 27, 2012

Review of Physicians Formula mascara colored

review of physicians formula mascara in blue and green

I bought the blue and green mascara one day because I had coupons and there was a sale that with my coupons made them like 2 bucks each so I couldn't pass up a chance to try them. They don't go on super smooth.. but I love the colors. Im a very colorful person and I love the look of the green with some bright eyeshadow.. really makes your eyes pop. It clumps and is hard to put on like I say with most drugstore brands... havent really found one that isnt but it does its job and looks nice in the colors.. i have yet to try the pink and purple but the next time there is a sale I will be on the
look out for them because I love colorful stuff. They get a 4 because of the color it really does show especially on the green, which I was worried about.

4/5 kitten

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