Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Almay's Oil Free Makeup Pads.

I love love love this product. I have really sensitive eyes and its the first makeup remover that doesnt bother my eyes.. Makes me happier then I can say.

It feels really great on the skin makes it feel fresh and soft. It takes off all your makeup usually takes a few wipes but it gets off even hard to take off makeup. It doesnt clog up your skin or make it feel rough or unclean.

I love how this product works well is great for sensitive skin and feels good against my skin. I love that it can take off makeup thats hard to get off, doesnt leave and bad smelling residue, even smells nice and not to strong.. the pads last for a long time so if you only wear makeup every once in a while you can use a little bottle of them over a few months and they don't cost very much

Here is a review I did of one of my favorite makeup removers on bzzagent.com. I am not affiliated with bzzagent or almay.

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