Friday, November 30, 2012

Instant Win Games / Sweepstakes

Ok so I openly admit I am a sweeper. I get made fun of for it. But then people look in my closets and makeup kits and they get jealous by all the things I have that I never had to pay for. I actually have people get mad at me for the things I have because it's so unfair that I can be lucky. Now it isn't all luck I enter thousands of contests a month, because that way I have higher chances of getting things I might want.

Now I know trust me my closets get over filled but I do hand out things to friends constantly, or like my boyfriend and I take all our friends to the movies whenever anyone wants to go because we constantly have free tickets.

But I wanted to talk about 2 in general that are going on right now that I think you should be entering if you aren't already.

First one .. the victoria's secret instant win game. I freaked out tonight when I won a $100 giftcard. I spend so much money there so now I can get more.. lol.. I think it is about time I buy the backpack.. or maybe 2 more sweaters. I have soooo much clothes I don't know yet what I am going to go get, but I'm so excited.

Second one.. the Jcpenney buttons instant win game. All you do is pick up buttons from your local jcpenney store and then enter the codes on them online for your chance to win. So far I have won $135 in gift certificates. I have been getting some great things. There will be a post about it soon enough.. showing you all the fun things I have gotten because of this game..



So check these out they are worth your time.. and if you don't win. Don't be discouraged, wins come sometimes when you least expect them.

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