Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bungalow 360 a chance encounter, a review, a new love..

Today I went on a shopping spree today.. ok not really I took tons of coupons, giftcards and deals into account and got myself so much stuff I didn't need but fell in love with. Trust there will be lots of posts about everything coming up, but I wanted to talk about this little treasure I found today.

I was almost done with my day and my mother really wanted to stop in a little christmas pop up shop that was in our mall. I didn't really want mostly because I was so tired, been out since 10am and it was nearing 9pm. I have been super sick all week and this was my first day feeling ok. But since she had gone with me all over I figured I couldn't say no to her. So we went it.

Lots of christmas things of course since that was what the shop was there for. Yet in the corner was a few shelves of bags. I instantly fell in love. Adorable, cute shoulder bags, purses, clutches and wallets. Each covered in animals, of some extreme cuteness just oozing from it like there had to be girls squealing somewhere. I fell in love with a couple of them, the deers, the foxes, the otters. I ended up settling on the foxes mostly because it's a little clutch and I didn't need a big bag today.. but trust me soon I will need one.

So you ask me who makes these purses that have so caught your attention. The company is called Bungalow 360. They are online and they have tons of bags to choose from. I hope my store soon carries the otters in a bigger bag because I must have it.

Here is the website where you can purchase a bag. I highly suggest you check it out.Bungalow 360

I always have to talk about things I fall in love with so here it is. Another item I have fallen in love with.

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