Thursday, November 15, 2012

Freaking nails, a sad tale

So I keep saying I am going to go and get some Biotin because I keep hearing amazing things about it and my nails break like they have somewhere else to be.. so I wanted really bad to do some nail polish swatches this week.. but this is what I'm working with..

So no nail polish swatches instead you get eye shadow and other goodness of swatches.. As soon as my nails look better there will be swatches or maybe I need to get good at fake nails.. never been one to do that.. I was thinking of nail wheeling it to show of polishes I have like over 100 colors but I don't know what to do with them because I always feel so ashamed of my broken ratty looking nails, so we shall see.

So keeping you up on the nail fight problem.

1 comment:

  1. Well, can you get one of those mannequin hands that salons display their nail art designs on? That would still be a good way to show us polishes....I was looking forward to you doing some nail designs... didn't you mention a while back you were going to start playing around with different things???


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