Friday, April 4, 2014

Captain America Winter Solider

Now I know that most if you know I am a giant geek. I love marvel and I have been patiently waiting for this film for what seems like far too long.
I almost didn't get to see it last night because my favorite movie partner got called into work and was supposed to work until 4am... So I had just decided I would see it next week when I got back from Vegas since I leave tonight for Vegas for a conference. 
But while I was cleaning up our new apartment and fixing up our new bed he walked in the doors about 45 minutes before the midnight showing. He came home early to surprise me, which was awesome. We grabbed my mother and took her along because she really wanted to see it. She loves Captain America. 
Now I won't give away any spoilers even though I want to talk forever about what I think will be happening with Avengers Age of Ultron. 
The story is interesting and the plot twists and keeps you interested and on your seat. The characters new and old are lovable or hateable, either way they are well written and you want the bad guys gone and you root for the good guys.
The fight scenes are extremely acrobatic. I loved that because it made them look almost theatrical and over the top but fun and exciting.
We get to meet a few new characters who are added into the universe, we get to learn more about characters from the past franchises.
If you were thinking about the film but couldn't decide to go see it on the big screen do it. It's fun, funny and an all together great show to see.

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