Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hannibal TV show

Now I am a tv show lover. I watch soo much on television that I can almost tell you anything about any show on air. Except reality tv. I really enjoy Hannibal. I know it is a little bit creepy. I just have been in love with the show and its creepiness. I think I especially love the scenes of his rolodex recipes that have attached to each a business card of the person he made the dish with. It is so gross yet at the same time so intriguing and has me watching and wanting to know more.

I also was a lover of the original movies on the source material and the books, that are quite interesting. I am a huge lover of books as well.

I have been in love with horror books since I was a very young child. I started with RL Stine and Christopher Pike in the 3rd grade and by the 5th grade was reading Stephen King. I have always been one to love the creepy.

I like Hannibal and if you have a morbid sense of discovery you might as well.

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