Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Law and Order SVU intense tv

So I am a huge crime show tv fan. I watch far too much tv in general. But I love Law and Order SVU, but I am not digging this season as much as past seasons. I am a little bummed, I am hoping it picks up. I might just be coming down from the Summer seasons and how good some of them were.

I really like that the show hits on hard issues that people aren't always ready and open to discuss. I like that it brings things out into the open.

I am sad that this week is Richard Belzer's last show. I have enjoyed his character on the show, and everytime I say that I will never like a character as much as the last I am proven wrong. I don't stop loving my original characters but I do grow a fondness for the new.


  1. I have watched Law and Order SVU since it started. (and thank you Netflix for letting me watch the ones I had missed). I am also upset at this new season. I'm gonna miss Munch. He was one of my favorites. And I am not to thrilled with Benson's character. Ya I know she went through a lot but it almost feels like they are trying to put a Stabler twist to her character. imo...She isn't pulling it off.

    1. I agree with the disappoint in Bensons character.. it just hasn't been cutting it for me

  2. I love this show. I really like this season. The last season ending left me on edge for days. I couldn't want all of it so I am glad to see that Olivia is alive. I feel like they are dealing with it in real world way, as they always do. I am bummed to see Munch go.


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