Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Loot Crate 2013

Now I had heard so many amazing things about this company and since I am a giant geek I gave into the temptation to try it out. I mean a box full of geek stuff how could I say no.

The box it comes in is very cute.. I love the inside of the box and if you are a gamer you should recognize the code.

The first item in the box was a talking plush Stimpy doll. I loved Ren and Stimpy as a child. He is beyond adorable. I am really glad I got Stimpy cause I was much more his fan then of Ren.

Next up was a Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made by Funko. Now I am in love with the Funko toys. They are beyond adorable, big eyes and cute faces. I love them. I also love the TMNT. I am super excited for the new movie.

Next was the Stewie griffin cinnamon lip balm. I love lip products and I love Family Guy so this made me smile. I might trade it for the Yoshi one if someone has it, if not than its being mailed to my Dad. He is the biggest Family Guy fan.

I admit I grew up on the Simpsons and even though lately it has gotten a bad wrap for losing its edge I still love the show. I got The Simpsons KidRobot keychain blindbox. My blindbox held Lisa.

Last but not least was the smaller items in the box.. stickers, magnets, the little booklet about whats in the box. I love the "It's Over 9000" sticker and the StormTrooper TMNT PopArt magnet..

So overall I am in love with the box. I will be posting my unboxing video on youtube in the next couple of days. I hope that if you decide to take the leap you will enjoy it as much as I do.

LootCrate to sign up


  1. Looks like a lot of fun stuff in that box!!

  2. I love hearing about and learning about monthly box services like this. My favorite thing from this box is the Donatello Toy. Love TMNT!!!

  3. Oh I didn't know these toy boxes are now available. I only knew beauty boxes. Interesting post.

  4. I didn't know about Loot Crate, thanks for sharing

  5. OMG this is very dangerous. *my wallet shakes its fist* This is not something my nerd self should know about! lol

  6. My dear friend subscribes to Loot Crate! Everyone in her family gets something. As soon as I get a couple bills paid off I am going to subscribe. What can I say...I am a cartoon junkie!


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