Friday, February 15, 2013

My Little Pony now at H&M Yay

So I am a huge MLP fan, and I don't mean friendship is magic, I haven't seen it but it is on my too watch list. Not saying I don't think the ponies aren't adorable in FiM.. and let me tell you I bought Spike the day they released a toy for him. SOOOO Freaking cute. But I am a lover of the original My Little Ponies. Baby Firefly being my all time favorite toy, I have owned probably 40 of her over the years because I tend to lose her and I'm horribly superstitious. That is a whole other blog post lol.

So I found out that they were going to have a shirt, my boyfriend and I ran down there. He found me the only size 2 they had and took it to the register. I was in heaven. Then I bought a bunch of clearance makeup.. cause they were $0.50 each. I mean honestly how could I say no.

The MLP shirt is freaking adorable and I am so happy I got it before they sold out and I had to try to find it on ebay.

The My Little Pony Shirt

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