Monday, February 18, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Launch Party.. Such a blast

So my boyfriend and I went to the mall for all the things I wanted to check out for the day. I do it a lot.. We live about 2 miles from the mall, its great for when I'm bored and I get in my exercise walking there and back. As we were walking around we saw that MAC was doing the launch party for the new line Archie's Girls. He patiently sat outside while I looked at everything.. For some reason makeup is not his thing. LOL.

I actually went to the prerelease for this makeup line in July of last year and got some Betty and Veronica Pin Up Posters signed by the artist. I was super excited.. Not only because I love pinups but I've loved Archie for a long time. Im gonna say I still can't decide though if I like Betty or Veronica more. It's such a toss up for me because they both hold attributes that I desire. Beauty, innocence, Confidence.

Here is the display they had up in store.

The store looked all dressed up for the occasion. They had windowclings, posters and the products displayed ever so adorably inside and then they had makeup artist doing your makeup outside.

I had a blast and walked away with an adorable photo of my boyfriend and I and with a super cute tin of mints.

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