Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thrifting in Love

Ok I admit I love to go to thrift stores, I find things I love. I love finding things I would never buy at a store.. but don't mind getting for a few bucks.. Today I hit the jackpot.

I got a Victoria's Secret Pink Velour Jacket. (I collect Victoria's Secret, I have so many of the pink collection) I am in love with it. Also got a VS night shirt.. its super comfortable.

I got an amazing HM dress that I can't wait to wear out and a suspenders skirt.. I love the look just never bought one.. so now I get to experiment with it.. look out crop tops I'm coming for you.

I found a Calvin Klein dress, I'm pretty sure is from the 80's that is beyond amazing that I can't wait to go somewhere in.

Lots of cute shirts and a pair of purple skinny jeans. I love the colored jeans.. so I was head over heels.

It is the middle of the night I will post pictures tomorrow.

This is one of the cute outfits I got. :) the purple skinny jeans and a shirt

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