Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Girls Night Out Event at the Brea Mall - Amazing Fun

So I went to the Girl's Night Out event at the Brea Mall on October 11, 2012. I truly had a blast. I didn't go with anyone as everyone I know that would be interested was either working, helping out friends or busy with life. Yet I knew I wanted to go so I threw on some sneakers and walked the mile from my place over to the mall. It was mostly uphill, but I am not going to complain about that. :)

I got there pretty early so I went up to the food court and got myself some food. I just got some taquitos. They were pretty good. If you live near the Brea Mall and like vegan food they have a good fast food place that has great stuff. I eat there pretty often. I'm a meat eater but that doesn't stop me from enjoying some things vegan, I actually found the place not last year but the year before at Mom's Night Out.

I started to walk back downstairs to see a giant line had formed. Of course, no one was there when I got there, now there is like 100 people. So I got in line. Was not too bad, line lasted until about 5:15 got in line at like 4:45pm.. so only about 30 minutes. Lots of people excited for the event and people walking by not knowing about the event excitedly talking about the finding the event.

Next we got our bags. I loved the look of it and when I go out for runs, this is the one I am going to use.. I have probably 30 like it from different events, but I like this one the best.

The bag had some samples of makeup and lotions, some woolite (the sponsor of the event, I have a ton of the same samples because the woolite samples came from a crowdtap thing.) I love getting free laundry detergent, I have like a years worth in my closet so I never have to spend money on it. I also go a bottle of water, which I added some metromint to and has been sitting next to my laptop as a pick me up.

Next was all the sampling and contest entering. I walked around to each booth. Getting samples, signing up for contests. I skipped the food booths, because I didn't need anymore candy and I am allergic to diet sodas. I was pleased with myself. I missed out on the jewelry cleaner, but I still have 2 bottles from other events. I plan to take them out, my jewelry needs some cleaning.

I went and got my makeup done at Sephora, they gave me a cute bag of samples. I went over to JcPenney salon and they gave me some dry shampoo. ( I love Dry Shampoo) and then I hit Nordstrom's and signed up for the trendshow (well technically I didn't i have to do that this week... i only carry cash and they wanted a card.) and got a nice bag of goodies from them.

So all in all I walked away with a lot of nice stuff, saw new collections, bought some things at Sephora and Urban Outfitters and enjoyed my little stroll through the mall. I even got to use a $75 giftcard I had to Fredericks at the 50% off sale.. Picks of that to come.. I'm a superhero fanatic.. and I got two costumes.


  1. You get to do the coolest stuff! I wish my little city would hold even half the events you get to go to! Sounds like an awesome time!

  2. Wow! That stuff looks amazing! I am so jealous! So cool!


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