Monday, August 27, 2012

Skinny Cow Dirty Dancing Event

Skinny Cow Dirty Dancing Event

Lucky for me this years Skinny Cow Event in Southern California landed not only as the finale but on my birthday. So I was totally stoked. As luck would have it, my friend had her baby, or at least thought she was going to (she ended up having it 2 days later. ) My boyfriend had to work so things got slightly messed up. I was determined to have a good time. It took us 2 and a half hours in traffic to get to the event.

We got there and saw the Pink carpet, very cute and all the people excited and waiting to get in. My boyfriend and I got in line and my family already inside waiting on us to arrive, sent my mother out to meet us. My grandmother doesn't usually come out to events and she decided to come along it made me so happy,. She still is talking about it now a week later.

The evening started with a box that had askinny cow candy in it, a water and a mocha truffle ice cream bar. I could write a book on how tasty the heavenly crisps are. My boyfriend ate the mocha truffke ice cream bar and he like it, even though he isnt a big mocha fan. Because he loves me he handed me over his heavenly crisp bar, and i was sweet enough to share a bite with him lol. Then the lights dropped a bt and Jennfer Grey came out on stage and talked about the film. It was fun listening to her talk about her experience and time in the film.

Funny story, I had never seen Dirty Dancing, though I've seen like every other dance film out there. Listening to my grandmother laugh and enjoy herself was so great, the girls next to us had gone to the New York premiere as well and were just as excited that night.

The film ended and we went over to the after party, after we took some pictures with y boyfriend and family.The party was jumping, they had a DJ,ice cream, drinks and appetizers. The best appetizer of the night was pulled pork on sweet potato paste, literallly one of the tastiest things I've had in a long time. They had a instagram printer, you posted pics on instagram with the tag #skinnydancing and a little printer printed out your pictures polaroid style. I was enthralled by it and couldn;t get enough of them I love pictures, Im in love with polaroid cameras.

My boyfriend and I stayed until they kicked us out, we had an amazing time. We each got a goodie bag. I will be putting up a giveaway this week for your chance at a shirt and a poster from the event. So be on the lookout.

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