Sunday, August 26, 2012

My absense and the story

The last few weeks have really been full of ups and downs,from bad medical news, to an amazing birrthday and a few celebrity events and having an unexpected guest crashing in my place, having a hard time of her own. So I haven't been at my computer much and I'm going to be working out of town for the next month but i will have my laptop, internet and I've already taken lots of pictures to keep caught up.

So most of the good stuff will have there own posts coming up shortly this post is to talk about my absence and why.

On july 17, my left eye became sensitive to light, this has happened before and I put on an eye patch to help and figured like normal I would be fine in a couple of days. A couple of days passed and I went to get my permit. (I know I don't have my license, I have pretty bad eye sight and everytime i get my permit I never follow through.) When she asked me oto cover my right eye for the eye exam, for the first time I realized I had lost sight in my left eye.

So my boyfriend took off work and we set up doctor appointments, lots of time , money and misdiagnoses later, on August 16th the opthomalogist told me the prognosis was very grim, being something onset from birth, my eye will probably never get better. I may from time to time be able to see a little bit but for the most part , I'm blind in that eye.

Now as life shattering as this has been for me, the devastating thing that has made some days hard is though i'm blind I'm not legally blind or completely blind, just enough to not have sight. I have to wear an eyepatch the rest of my life. I get to endure stares and questions everywhere I go, which I know in time won't phase me as much.

The gorgeous male bartender at an event I went to recently told me to wear and own it and to be confident, this is going to be a battle for me, so if I don't write from time to time or disappear, know that it is temporary and I am just tryng to process and deal with information.

But don't worry, I'm still wearing makeup.

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