Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eye Kandii Cosmetics - First Indie makeup review

Today I have the pleasure of showing off some makeup I bought off Etsy.

The shop is I was searching for samples and kits to try out some small companies makeup and start writing about smaller brands and give me the chance to play with things I haven't had the chance to enjoy when I ran across her shop and picked up some samples because I liked the colors. I got a eye shadow sample grab bag that contained baggie samples and a product. Now I'm a sucker for surprises and since I'm wanting to try things I thought why not go this route and let her be my first review.

I got the products really quickly. They were waiting for me after work less then a week after I ordered. I was excited and opened the envelope. To my excitement there were lots of goodies to enjoy. I got a blush, a lip gloss, an eye shadow and samples. Not all the samples are labeled but that's fine by me. I can't wait to try them all. wear it on my lips for a full day.. but trust me that day is coming. :D

So first off we have the lip gloss. It is called Coral Kiss Lip Treatz Vinyl Lip Gloss. I am in love with the color. In the container it looks Neon Pink. If you know how much I love neon you'd be excited too. Here's a swatch of the color. I LOVE IT. It looks like shiny glossy lipstick. It comes off clean. I like the feeling of it. It feels moisturizing. I haven't gotten the chance to wear it on my lips for a full day.. but trust me that day is coming. :D

Next is the Jelly Bounce Blush in Honey Tan. Right off the bat I know it is far to dark for me as a blush. The color is almost a bronze color, very pretty. It seems to dry quickly so I can't use it as a eye shadow which I sometimes do with blush. I use everything for everything, lol.. but I might use it as a highlighter for myself. It has a nice creamy texture and feels soft going on. I really like it. The container I got is 20g and contains Vitamin A and E. So I like it and will find a use for it for sure. Not the best picture.

Next up is the eye shadow I got. The color is green and it is called Mojito. I already like it. LOL. The jar is completely full glad I didnt have it tipped when opening.. Haha. I'm bad about that. The color going on is a light shimmery green (dry) or a more neon looking light green over primer. (I used Elf eyelid primer.) The picture on top is the primed eye shadow and the bottom is the dry eyeshadow by itself.

I'm not going to do the samples today. Since I don't have any mini ziploc baggies to put them in once I cut them, so there will be another post on them.

Over all I am extremely pleased with what I purchased and I can see more eye shadow and lip vinyl in my future. I can't wait to try other colors out.

So go over and check out her shop, it's worth the money and you are helping someone pays bills and thats a good thing :)


  1. The lip gloss is a lovely colour as is the eye shadow.

    Glad you're please with your purchases :) they do look cute! xxx

  2. Love the lipgloss and the jelly bounce blush!! I'm definitely gonna check out her shop. Thanks for the review!

  3. I liked the blush colour. Would be great for summer! glad I found you on momblogsociety.

  4. So what is lip vinyl???? Just like lip gloss? Or does it have a more sticky kind of finish? Finally made a google account so I can stop spamming up your fb page lol!

  5. It looks kinda like a shiny lipgloss. I like the color I got a lot. I wore it for the first time the other day and it stayed almost all day long. I was happily surprised. :)


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