Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review of REN Skin Renewal Peel Mask

Alrighty so I tried this out today. I got a sample of it on suggestion from a girl that worked at Sephora. I wanted to try something different but she was slightly rude so this is what she was willing to do, and I won't complain a free sample is a free sample.

First thing about it is you need to leave it on for 10 minutes. I sat in the living room and read for 10 minutes while I waited.
It smells fruity and not too strong chemically so I liked that. It did burn a bit but not too bad. It did make my skin pretty red, but I know a lot of peels do that.
It's like a sticky yellowish product and it takes a while to get off your face since it is so thick or maybe I put too much on, I was trying not to use too much.

I can't say much about the lasting effects or how well it works in the long run but I can say that right now my skin feels soft and nice and it looks nice a clean.

It smells good, and seems to do a good job.

It is $55 at Sephora. The lady told me she used it for her acne and it really helped. Im still looking for something that will help me.. not that I'm in dire need but I want my skin clear I think everyone feels the same way.

I got this as a sample and I can't say if I'd use it again because I can't use it more then just today since it loses potency after being out of the bottle and in the air. But it came with a recommendation and Sephora has a money back guarantee on everything so if you are like me and trying everything then I would say if you have the extra cash give it a shot if it doesnt work you can always take it back

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