Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

So last year I told myself that I would write 365 blog posts. I didn't get that close, but I didn't didn't do too bad. I wrote 281.. That's not bad in my book.. that's close to 5 times a week.. Just missed it by a couple of weeks.

This last year was crazy for me I went back to school full time, I work full time, I run an online business, and I run a cosplay charity. I think sometimes I need more hours in a day. So sadly the last couple of months with everything I fell behind. So I am sorry. And I missed you guys.

So I am going to make it up to you with a giveaway with week. I will see what I have to share with you and start it up.

My new years blog resolutions are pretty simple and run the way they did last year.. I would like to write 365 blog posts. I would like to share more with you all about my passions and in turn learn more about your passions. I would like to see the numbers here grow. I am always excited to see that Bloglovin' is over 100 people. My facebook page is just under 5000 and my twitter is in the 11k zone.. so we are always moving up.

So tell me how did your New Years go? I hit up Disney California Adventure and played a bit of World of Warcraft.. and now I'm catching up on blog posts and thinking about the new year.

Well I won't stay here too long, my voice is completely gone so I am going to get some rest but see you all soon.

Love ya,


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