Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fredericks of Hollywood Fun and Fabulous Event

I went to Fredericks of Hollywoods Fun and Fabulous Event at my local store. I was torn between being happy and sad. The invite said first 25 got a free pair of panties so I took my mother ( I take her to a lot of events, she really enjoys them and it gives us some time to see each other, my boyfriend choose to sit this one out. Sadly my other friends were working or going to stores closer to home since I live like on the other side of the world from most of my friends.) But the reason I was torn was 3 people were there at the 6pm start, that made me excited because I got my free item, but sad for the store I know they are trying to improve there image. ( Fredericks if you are reading this.. doing a nice event and then shafting people a few days later is not the way to make you seem more desirable then Victoria's Secret).

The staff was very sweet and nice. I was super happy with the sales they had. I got a 20% coupon for going and used that against a 75% off sale and got 2 pieces of clothing for crazy cheap.

They choose to let us choose between lipglosses and nail polishes instead of giving us panties because they said they were out of the panties. I was excited because I had never tried any of the nail polish so that is what I ended up getting. My mother choose the same and ended up giving me hers. Yay.

Here's a picture of the 2 things I bought and a free thing of mints they gave me

Here's a picture of the neat nail polishes they gave us. Overall it was worth going.

I've always loved Fredericks but I've been sad with the changes they have made over the years to their selection of clothing and lingerie. I have been equally sad with the way customers are treated in the few I shop in, as well as them running promotions and then not ever having the items in store, or flat out telling me "That's a discountined item, we are just trying to get rid of, so of course we don't have any left." The day a promotion for free underwear starts. So here's to hoping this event was the beginning of a new leaf for them, they might be seeing more of my money, if not Victoria's Secret Pink and I are BFF's :D <3

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